2 Libraries from Different Worlds: House of Wisdom & Hidden Library

House of Wisdom History

The House of Wisdom existed in Bagdad during the Islamic Golden Age at the time of the Abbasid Caliphs. It’s also named the Grand Library of Bagdad — and what a grand library it was. Many scholars came from within and outside Bagdad to study, discuss, learn, debate, translate, and much more. One could look at it as an intellectual playground for scholars, writers, scribes, and all the intellectual-seeking people. 

Some fields of knowledge that were housed in the House of Wisdom are mathematics, philosophy, medicine, astronomy, and physics. The dwellers of the House of Wisdom played a large role in different fields, but each one had a speciality. Some of its famous scholars are named Al-Ghazali (Philosophy), Ibn Sina (Medicine), Al-Khwarizmi (Mathematics), and many more.

Purpose of this section:

In the fictional world I created, it features a similar structure that is centered around the world. Earth is to Kethrop (the name of the world) as the House of Wisdom is to the Hidden Library. You can almost say the Hidden Library is the doppelgänger of the House of Wisdom. The location of this Hidden Library is obviously in Kethrop, hundreds of miles below the House of Wisdom. 

This section of the website features a collection of all the information stored in the Hidden Library of Kethrop—hundreds of miles below Bagdad. In this section, there is information that supports and serves as the foundation of the trilogy in works. 

“House of Wisdom” section also serves as an information center for the notable scholars of the Hidden Library, in similarity to the House of Wisdom. In Kethrop they’re not called scholars, but rather, their title in the Hidden Library is Intellects. These scholars are completely fictional, but they are completely real and alive in the trilogy-in-works. 

I will update this post at ideas come, but for now, that remains the purpose of the “House of Wisdom” section of this site.