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Introduction: A Clear Perspective of Southeast Asia

Since the day we’re born a continuous construction undergoes of City of Memories, and every day we’re alive new buildings arise. Although each building inside City of Memories is specific to our experiences, some people’s structures are identical, as mine were with some friends’ back in Winter 2019. The City of Memories contain buildings—or memories—some are the size of skyscrapers, some are the size of office buildings, and others are the size of single-family homes. These buildings appear as we explore new places, cultures and embark on fresh adventures that go against daily routine. Usually skyscrapers are the buildings which last the longest and are easily remembered. 

My friends and I traveled to Southeast Asia. It was our first time in Southeast Asia—one reason the building is a skyscraper. Between the three of us, I had the most experience of traveling to foreign countries. I’ve been to France, the Netherlands, Turkey and Morocco. But this trip was the first time I traveled across the world, the first time I traveled alone to a specific destination (my friends arrived a day later), and the first time I “led” a trip—these reasons increase to the height of the building. On previous trips, I usually had my siblings or parents leading the way, but on the Southeast Asia trip, I was the one who provided answers to questions. 

Within my City of Memories there are three skyscrapers in proximity: Exploring Thailand, Malaysian Excursions, 3-day Singapore. Each skyscraper has its own adventures and unique floors, and at the top of each skyscraper there’s a connecting bridge that leads to the next skyscraper. We’ll start off from the beginning, the first floor of Exploring Thailand. This first floor—or lobby area—is called Arrival in Bangkok. 

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